About Chapel King

My Background

I am a candidate for County Commission in Lauderdale County, District 1. I recently qualified to run and will be on the Republican Primary Ballot on May 24th (and possibly in a Runoff Election on June 21st).

I have deep roots in Lauderdale County; my family owned a local business (Ingram’s) for 60 years. This background gives me a strong appreciation for our small businesses and entrepreneurs.

My husband, Phillip King, was a Volunteer Fireman at the Underwood-Petersville Volunteer Fire Department for five years. I served as Secretary of my graduating nursing class and since then I have been a Registered Nurse for 19 years. I am a conservative, Christian mother of three.

Currently, I serve as the Vice-President of Friends of the Florence-Lauderdale Animal Services. I am an active volunteer helping take care of animals. In recent years, I have also worked diligently to build support in the Alabama Legislature for an Outdoor Shelter Bill.

Chapel King’s Platform
Chapel King and a Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Deputy

Prepared to Serve

I have worked with the Lauderdale County Commission in the effort to set up a County Animal Control Department. I also gained experience working for the County Commission as a nurse. My duties there included maintaining the Medical Budget for the jail for 3 years.

I have never run for office before, though I have been active in local politics for several years. During that time, I have frequently attended County Commission Meetings and Work Sessions. My experience has prepared me to seek this Office.

If I become your Commissioner, I intend to fund law enforcement and first responders within the county adequately, as well as address our infrastructure needs. I will vote to use your tax dollars wisely. I will truly listen to the people of District 1 and put their desires and needs first.

I have both the passion and the knowledge to succeed on the Commission. Many of you have seen me act and get results on animal issues; now let me show you what I can do for you!

Your vote in the Republican Primary on May 24th (and possibly a Runoff Election on June 21st) is critical for change.

Please join me in fighting for what is right for Lauderdale County. Together we can bring true citizen leadership to our County Commission.

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